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If you are tired of spinning your wheels trying to create Pinterest pins that actually represent your brand and business (or your client's!), and you're ready to kick your pin design skills up a notch, then my course, Pin Design Perfection will teach you everything you need to know tocreate designer-level Pinterest pins that convert!

Your pin design transformation starts now!



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LEvel up your pinterest pins for $117 x 2


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Ready to kick your design skills up a notch and create amazing Pinterest pins for yourself or your clients?

Without feeling overwhelmed with the whole design process?

Let Me Guess...

  • You watch the minutes(or maybe hours)pass as you fumble around in Canva trying to create pins that look halfway decent -only to be disappointed in the end result.
  • You have ZERO consistency across your pin images. You switch up your fonts and colors...看看是否会产生影响。
  • You've got a case of pin design envy - why can't your pins look as good as everybody else's beautiful pins showing up in the feed?
  • You feel like you're doing everything right, and you wonder if your pin images could be the bottleneck of your entire Pinterest strategy.

Or maybe you're looking to make some easy money online as a Pin Designer, Pinterest Manager or Service provider (you're a smart cookie!)

If you're wondering.... " How in the heck does she know EVERYTHING I'm struggling with?!" then keep reading -we're about to become fast friends!

Imagine what it will feel like when you finally ditch that pin design shame you've been carrying around...

  • Imagine checking stats and analytics and seeing thattraffic steadily increase.It's clear that your pin images are finally working for you and not against you!
  • How would you feel when you wake up in the morning and realize yougrew your email list overnightand have dozens ofnew leads in your funnel?
  • What would it be like to feel crazy confident about how you are representing your brand and business on Pinterest.You finally look and feel professionaland you're on your way to a bangin' brand reputation.
  • Think about all of thetime you'll savewith a design system guaranteed to work, all of the training and tools you need to create amazing pins, and a designer who can guide you along the way?

Hey! I'm Kristin

As a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, I KNEW that Pinterest was going to be my platform of choice when I started my online business.

After designing over 4,000 pins for myself and my clients, I'm pretty confident when I tell you...

I've cracked the pin design code!

Now, I'm on a mission to share it ALL with you! I believe that this skill is totally learnable, and with a little guidance you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful pins of your own.

You're ready to finally get serious about your pin design skills...but can you really pull this one off?

❌"I have absolutely no idea what even looks good!"

❌"I'll probably have to learn a new design program."

❌I'm not creative enough, and don't have a design background!"

❌"Wait... I need to match colors and pair fonts?!
Sounds like rocket science!"

❌How will I even know what LOOKS GOOD...
I don't have an eye for design!

I know there can be a lot of headaches and design overwhelm when you're trying to design Pinterest pins for yourself or your clients.

When you don’t have a basic understanding of design principles and best practices, it's super common to waste lots of time creating pins that actually do a brand more harm than good.

Without an understanding about the marketing tactics and basic design principles, you probably feel like you'll NEVER be able to create beautiful pins!

Ready to send your pin design shame a packin' and finally feel confident about the pins you're creating?!

Then you're ready for...

Pin Design Perfection - the Ultimate Pin Design Course!



Regular Price:$147 x 3

Your Price: $117 x 2



Regular Price:$397

Your Price: $197


Finally create pins that get noticed, on Pinterest and CONVERT into a steady flow of traffic and qualified leads!

Pin Design Perfection will walk you through everything you need to know to create eye-catching pins that will turn ideal clients into REAL website visitors, promising leads and PAYING customers.

You'll learn my unique formula for designing pins that grow your visibility, increase brand awareness and magnetically attract your dream customers in less time, and with more confidence than ever before.

这是what's Included:



  • Course Overview + Walk Through
  • Designing For Pinterest Training Video
  • Software Recommendation
  • Content to Create Pins For


Brand Your Pinterest Profile + Pin Images

  • Branding + Pinterest Overview
  • Collect + Organize your Pin Design Assets
  • Perfectly Pinnable Font Combinations
    Simple Color Hacks
  • Stock Photo Tips + Tutorials
  • Pinterest Account Branding Checklist
  • Board Cover Templates + Set Up Tutorial


Quick Start with Pin Templates

  • 100+ Fully Editable Pin Templates
  • Branding The Pin Templates Super Quick
  • 5 Go-To Pin Layouts that WORK (almost) Every Time



  • Overview + Pep Talk
  • Planning Your Pin Designs
  • Signature Training on the MUST-HAVE Elements of a Pin
  • Common Pin Design Mistakes to Avoid
  • 独特的销Design Treatments + Tricks
  • Creative Canva Design Techniques
  • Design Hack: 101 Pin Layouts for Inspiration
  • Best of Canva: Pin Design Elements


Think Like a Designer: Pin Makeovers

Watch over my shoulder like a fly in the room as I make over 10 ugly Pinterest pins and turn them into beautiful Pinterest eye candy!

This is the exact trick that I used to book pin design clients and build my portfolio!


Additional Pinterest Pin Design Techniques

  • How to Design Infographic + Listicle Pins
  • How to Design Collage Style Pins
  • Creating Pins with Photos of YOU!
  • Designing Product Pins for Physical Products
  • Designing Pins for TPT Digital Resources

Includes 25 additional pin templates!


Time Saving Hacks

  • How to Create a Stock Photo Stash in Canva
  • Fresh Pins: How to Create them SUPER QUICK!
  • Canva Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Pinterest Easy Fresh Pins Planner

RELAX! You Don't Have to do This Alone!

When you enroll in Pin Design Perfection, you're getting so much more than just another course that collects digital dust bunnies.


In a design pinch? Get feedback on your pins in the student only Facebook group!

WEEKLY design live calls

Join my weekly co-working session to get my eyes on your pins, or come hang out and create some pins!

Hold up - did somebody say bonuses?! YEP!



Bring your lead magnets and digital products to life and put your email list growth into overdrive.


Animation Workshop

Create animated and video graphics in Canva that grab your viewer's attention!


Brand selfie secrets

Amplify your know, like, trust factor with photos of YOU on your Pinterest pins!

Wanna take alook inside first?

"I was going through each module thinking, OMG this is SO GOOD!"

...You're not just teaching how to design great Pins, but also how toMARKET and catch people's attention with WORDS & DESIGN combined- that's the secret sauce that other courses miss."


"...Tons of inspiration for creating pretty pins."

"This course will take your Pinterest design skills to the next level! It is a well-rounded course with design theory explained, practical Canva skills demonstrated, and tons of inspiration for creating perfect pins.You'll leave this course feeling excited and confident about designing your next Pinterest pins!"


If you're a Pinterest manager, Coach, Course Creator, Digital Product Creator or Service Provider, improving your pin design skills could be your ticket to increasing revenue in your business!

  • Pinterest Managers:Pin Design is a hot commodity!(I know, because I get inquires all the time!)Attract new clients and increase your prices with designer-level pins your clients will love.
  • Coaches:If you want to book clients, you need to look legit, right?! Amplify your trust with professional-level pins that attract the exact people you want to work with!
  • Course Creators:You've spent weeks, months or even years pouring your knowledge into something that will help you transform others. It's time to show up on Pinterest as an expert who means business!
  • Digital Product Creators:Half of all users are logging onto Pinterestjust to shop. If you're not publishing beautiful pins for your digital products, you're leaving money on the table.
  • Bloggers:Pinterest is a super quick way to drive tons of traffic to your blog and grow your audience and email list.

You can have the best pinning strategy in the world, but if your pins aren't beautifully designed to CONVERT,you won't see the results that are possible with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine and Pinners are coming to be visually inspired!

With more than 200 billion pins circulating the Pinterest platform, you need aesthetically appealing pins that stop the scroll and pull your viewers into your content.

Without this, any Pinterest strategy will fall flat and you'll struggle to see the results you know are possible with Pinterest.

Yes! I'm Ready!



Regular Price:$147 x 3

Your Price: $117 x 2



Regular Price:$397

Your Price: $247


How much does a Pin Designer Charge?

When clients hire me to design custom pins for them, I charge AT MINIMUM, $10 per pin image.

The more Fresh Pins, the better! A good number to shoot for is 30 fresh pins per month.

Do you see how paying someone to design your pins can add up?(Or do you see how it's possible to make a bunch of money designing pins for clients?!)

30 Pins per month x $10 per pin = $300 per month!

With Pin Design Perfection, you get access to my expertise for a fraction of the cost of professional design services. Plus, when I work 1:1 with clients,我不教他们如何做我做的事。

With Pin Design Perfection, you will not only learn how to design click-worthy pins, but you'll also gain the confidence you need to create just about graphic or visual content for your business.

and that my friend - ispriceless.

You can CREATE CLICK-worthy pins

even if you have no "eye for design"

I don't have time to learn a new skill right now.

Setting aside time to learn a new skill around your other commitments can be frustrating, but the payoff is massive!

Think about all of the time you'll save when you're NOT stuck in Canva spinning your wheels!

I don't want to learn a fancy or expensive design software!

Well, you're in luck! There's no fancy design software involved here!

You can create professional, designer quality pins using Canva!

I haveabsolutelyno idea what looks even good!

When you enroll in PDP, you don't have to! There are 100+ templates included, PLUS I teach you my step-by-stem design process. Before you know it, designing pins will be a breeze and something you actually look forward to!


I wholeheartedly believe in Pin Design Perfection, and have many satisfied students. But I want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!

That's why I have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. If you enroll in Pin Design Perfection, do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that I haven’t delivered, I will issue a 100% refund within 7 days of purchase.

You will lose all access to the course, Facebook group and templates.

"I wasn't sure what to expect with this course, but I was blown away...

I used to spend hours creating Pinterest graphics only to look at them a few days later and wonder how all that time and effort could have created something so boring and generic. Then, I took this course. Within the first few lessons,I felt like I had gained pin design clarity. Ican't wait to create new pinsand amconfident that they will be unique to my brand and stand out!"


"My eyes are opened to all of the possibilities..."

"I thought my pins were pretty decent before taking this course, but now I know there is so much more I can do!My eyes are opened to all of the possibilities of attractive and exciting pins I can create. I'm excited to see how my blog traffic will increase with my new pretty pins."


这是what happens when you enroll:


STEP 2: Check your email for course access

STEP 3: start learning and creating pins!

over the years, a lot has changed in the pinterest algorithm. but the quality of a pin image has always been AN IMPORTANT PART OF ANY STRATEGY.

And you're in total control of that!

"I have already seen an increase in my Pinterest traffic!"

"Kristin's course is the only pin design course you ever need to take! She covers every aspect of pin design in a very easy to understand format. The instructional videos are especially helpful. Even as an intermediate designer, I learned quite a few new techniques that helped me to improve my Pinterest game. After completing her course and creating new pins using the information I learned, I have already seen an increase in my Pinterest traffic!


" I can give the best to my clients even more than before."

"Kristin's course is so easy to use and understand...I have better confidence and understanding what makes a great pin. Being a Pinterest manager I now know I can give the best to my clients even more than before. Kristin is so talented! Highly recommend!"


" I was so excited to play with the included design elements that I already have new pins to share!"

Having taken pin design courses before, this is the first I've found that featured plenty of ways to create photo-driven graphics. Itwas exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to showcase my content on Pinterest."


have questions? I've got your back!

When does Pin Design Perfection start and end?

How long do I have access to Pin Design Perfection?

Do I Need a Fancy Design Program to Take Pin Design Perfection?

How long does Pin Design Perfection take to complete?

Do you offer refunds if I am unhappy?

Yes! I'm Ready!



Regular Price:$147 x 3

Your Price: $117 x 2



Regular Price:$397

Your Price: $197


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