If you want to increase your visibility on Pinterest and ultimately, the amount of traffic to your website using a fun and simple technique,Pinterest video pinsare definitely something you’re going to want to try out!

Increase Your Visibility with Pinterest Video Pins

Pinterest video pins have been around for some time now, but just recently, I began experimenting with them and seeing how I could use them in addition to my normal Pinterest marketing strategy. Believe me when I tell you – the results have been pretty impressive! So impressive, that I really want to share with you exactly how to do make them using Canva, a simple design software.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to create a video pin – yet how powerful they’ll be for your account.

What to Expect With Pinterest Video Pins

Video pins are oftenshown at the top of the feedbefore regular pins. It’s like Pinterest is rewarding those pins more than others. This means that your content will be seen FIRST, before all of the other pins in the feed.

They’re WAYmore eye-catchingthan static images. This means it’s easier for you to catch the attention of your dream viewers who are browsing Pinterest.

Theystand out from traditional pin images. There are over 200 billion pins and your viewers are being bombarded with all kinds of images. But a video pin… those are different. You can expectmore engagement, clicks, and trafficto your website when you start creating and pinning video pins.

Pinterest video pins give you the opportunity toshare and connect more with your viewers!If you can show a process or a step by step system in a video on your Pinterest pin, this is pure GOLD!

So my question is… How can you pass up on this opportunity to stand out more on Pinterest?

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Alright, back to the video pins!

How to Create a Pinterest Video Pin

You’ll be amazed at how surprisingly simple it is you create a video pin, especially if you have a go-to set of pin templates that you can start with. Adding a video is just like adding an image to a pin, but you’ll just have to export it as a video instead of a .png or .jpg to make sure the movement is there.

First, you’ll need to have a Canva account. You can go for the free one, but I really find the pro version of Canva to be incredibly worth the cost.

Next, you’ll need some content to promote. This could be your latest blog post, an old blog post that needs some new pins, or a pin that leads directly to a landing page to collect email addresses.

And, you’ll, of course, need some video footage.

Canva has some free video footage that is already available in their video library, but there are multiple other ways to get your video into Canva and onto your Pinterest pin.

Watch the Video to See How to Create Pinterest Video Pins

As I showed you in the video, Canva has tons of videos available on their platform, but you can also upload your own, snag them from Facebook, or even YouTube. It’s up to you!

Pinterest Video Pin Specs

  • Pinterest video pins can be anywhere from 4 seconds to 15 minutes. I personally recommend using videos that are around 1-2 minutes, so the viewer clicks your pin and visits your website to see the full video.
  • You’ll want to export your video pins as .mp4s (as shown in the video) and Canva makes that a one-click option.
  • I create video pins at the standard Pinterest pin size, 600 x 900 px.
  • A video pin you export out of Canva may include sound, but when it is uploaded to Pinterest, no sound will be present.

As you can see, they are not much different than a pin with a static image. You’ll still want to follow all of the basicpin design rules, avoid the commonpin design mistakes.

Don’t forget to infuse your pins with your visual branding, (fonts, colors, images, styles etc.) include a catchy headline as an overlay or complimentary to your image and make sure it’s clear and readable.


This process is much like uploading a normal pin, but there is an approval process that your video pin will have to go through.

All you have to do is upload your pin directly to Pinterest and viola! Your video pin will be out into the world before you know it. You can also upload video pins to your website and then pin them to your account from there.

If you’re using Tailwind to schedule your pins, upload the video pin as you would a normal pin. Tailwind makes scheduling Pinterest pins super easy and it can really save you time if you are serious about using Pinterest to market your online business and pinning lots of those fresh pins that Pinterest loves!

Video Pins are a Must Try!

If you want to increase your visibility on Pinterest and ultimately, the amount of traffic to your website using a fun and simple technique,Pinterest video pinsare definitely something you’re going to want to try out!

They don’t have to be overcomplicated and you don’t have to be a tech or design whiz to create some really cool video pins!

I can’t wait to see what you create, and don’t forget tosign up for my free ON DEMAND Pin Design Workshop, The 5-Part Pin Design Formula!

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