Ashlee Brand Bundle


Get it all! The Ashlee Brand Bundle includes all of the templates you’ll need to be a total brand boss and take charge of your brand image in minutes! All brand graphics are fully editable in Canva and will give your brand the professional look that will help you stand out online.

With the Ashlee Brand Bundle, you get:

  • Mix and Match Ashlee Brand Kit
  • Ashlee Website Graphics
  • Ashlee Social Media and Pinterest Templates
  • Ashlee Lead Magnet Templates


Easily create a stand-out brand that’s unique to your business, PLUS consistent brand collateral to market your business with ease!no graphic design skills required!

The Ashlee Brand Bundle includes:

Mix and Match Ashlee Brand Board:

  • Three editable logo trios + logo design training video
  • A stunning color palette
  • Three perfectly paired font combinations
  • Two patterns and two textures
  • Hand-picked stock photo recommendations
  • Canva brand board to keep it all organized

Ashlee Website Graphics Kit:

  • 4 website header images
  • 3 favicon website icons
  • 3 about image templates
  • 4 blog post image templates
  • 3 call to action image templates
  • 3 sidebar graphic templates
  • 5 multi-purpose image templates

Ashlee Social Media Graphics Kit:

  • 5 square quote graphic templates
  • 6平方内容营销templates
  • 3 square brand selfie template
  • 8 mockup promo templates for list building
  • 4 step-by-step templates
  • 3 testimonial templates
  • 11 Facebook group prompt templates
  • 10 Pinterest pin content marketing templates
  • 10 list building Pinterest pin templates

Ashlee Lead Magnet Templates:

  • 5 Cover pages
  • 4 Table of contents pages
  • 4 Welcome pages
  • 4检查表页
  • 8 Multi-use pages
  • 6 Process pages
  • Daily planner page
  • Weekly planner page
  • 2 Motivational quote pages
  • 4 Call to action pages
  1. Once your purchase is finalized, you’ll get instant access to a .pdf document that contains all of the links to the Canva templates.
  2. Create your brand image! Create a logo, choose your fonts and decide on stock photos.
  3. Add all of the included brand templates to your own Canva account and start creating consistent, on-brand graphcis with ease!

Please note: Some fonts included in the brand kits will need to be purchased before use. Recommended stock photos will also need to be purchased if you wish to use them outside of the included templates.